WE ALSO OFFER LESS LETAL SOLUTIONS TO PERSONAL PROTECTION including pepper spray and stun guns  !!!

Yes, We buy firearms!

Feel free to stop by anytime if you have a firearm you would like to sell.  We are interested in seeing what you have! 


...And we offer consignment!

Have a firearm that you want to find just the right buyer for?  We offer consignment on most firearms!

 Is your firearm in need of cleaning?

We offer firearm cleaning.  If you're having trouble with your firearm feel free to come by and we'll be happy to take a look at it and help!



We carry a wide variety of holsters

for both concealed and open carry.

We also have a wide variety

of pistol cases,

cleaning kits, and shooting






Need some time to save up for that special firearm?  We offer layaway for up to 60 days.

*Call or come in for terms and conditions (Terms and conditions vary based on firearm availability, price, and GWCL status)


Superior personal protection!  Rechargeable with integrated flashlight.  Feel safe when you can't carry a weapon!

Pepper Spray

Potent and Effective this pepper spray is concentrated at 17% and takes self defense seriously!

Gun Sales, Holsters, Pistol Cases, Rifle Cases, Lasers, Cleaning Supplies, Range Ammunition, and Defense Ammunition... We've got you covered!

Just started shopping for a firearm?

Come check out our showroom and find something that fits you and your budget.  If we don't have the firearm you're looking for we can order it for you to pick up in as little as 24 hours or check out ouronline store here.

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